To Whom It May Concern:

Based on my experience, I would heartily recommend Carolina Window Company to anyone considering home repair or improvement work.

In the course of replacing my roof, CWC’s workmen uncovered substantial structural damage to one portion of the house in the form of rotted wood, which had been exposed to a leaky roof for apparently quite some time. Instead of covering up the problem or doing only a superficial repair job, CWC’s workers went to considerable trouble to replace the rotted wood, including finding the correct lumber to match the timbers of an interior cathedral ceiling.

Working well into the night, so as not to leave my home vulnerable to an overnight shower, CWC’s workmen put in over a 12-hour day replacing the damaged wood and rebuilding the roof where necessary. In so doing, they have corrected a long-standing problem and averted even more serious trouble in the future. Its commitment to quality, to getting the job done correctly, was a welcome demonstration of true professionalism.

Richard Huff
Charlotte, NC

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