Shake and Scallop

siding-5Shake and Scallop Siding

Pelican Bay® polypropylene shakes and scallops are among the most attractive, best wearing and longest lasting accent panels on the market, and are backed by one of the best warranties* in the industry.

Use the distinctive shapes and shadow patterns of Alside Pelican Bay Scallops to highlight gables, window boxes, and eave edges or create frieze boards and bands that truly accentuate your home’s style.

Pelican Bay Shakes deliver the rich elegance of cedar shakes with an authentic grain molded from actual cedar. The grain even extends over the shake edge to ensure that each piece looks individually handmade.

Pelican Bay Hand-Split Shakes offer an even more authentic look with the rustic styling of uneven surfaces, and shakes of various sizes, for a look that captures the simple beauty of hand craftsmanship.

Pelican Bay Shakes and Scallops are tested to withstand winds as strong as 160 mph. Gale Force 5 Technology ensures that Pelican Bay stays put regardless of weather. Each panel is manufactured with a strengthening 1/4″ storm rail on each side of the nailing hem.

LinkTite Technology is a specially engineered system that secures siding panels together for a beautiful, seamless appearance, adding stability without detracting from the real cedar look.

Season-4 Technology ensures that our Shakes and Scallops can be installed in almost any weather. Temperature lines on the nailing hem allow installers to match the current temperature to the corresponding mark. This ensures an installation allowing for optimal expansion and contraction as the seasons change.

Profile: Scallop
Exposure: Double 7-3/4″
Texture: Cedar
Colors: 16

Profile: Shake
Exposure: Double 7″
Texture: Cedar
Colors: 16

Profile: Hand-Split Shake
Exposure: Double 9-1/16″
Texture: Deep Natural Cedar
Colors: 8

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