siding-6Prodigy™ Next Generation Insulated Siding

The uncompromising approach of our engineers and designers means Prodigy™ is a realization of your values. From flawless appearance and unsurpassed insulation that can increase the value of your home, to true maintenance freedom, reduced energy bills and a worry-free warranty, Prodigy is the most evolved siding on the market.

A precisely contoured insulating underlayment provides an insulating R-value of 5.0, while providing the rigidity and straight course lines you expect from a wood product. The surface texture has the genuine and subtle feel of finely milled lumber. And a host of proprietary features, such as a patent-pending locking feature and FrictionFit™ design, means Prodigy¹s performance and appearance are unsurpassed in the market.

Prodigy Features

FrictionFit™ Design
RigidLock™ Locking Feature
Premium 6″ exposure width
1-1/2″ precisely contoured insulation
Subtle, finely milled grain finish
Lifetime, transferable warranty


Profile: Clapboard
R-value: 5.0
Perm Rating: 5.0
Nail Hem: Fully rolled-over
Exposure: Double 6″
Butt Edge: 3/4″
Thickness: .050″ (nominal)
Texture: Finely milled cedar
Colors: 8

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